Most popular perfume families

Floral perfumes have been around for centuries, as flowers have always been associated with femininity and romance. This family tends to be light and fresh, usually combining multiple floral notes into a single scent. These often start with a base note of rose, jasmine or lily-of-the-valley, before moving on to lighter middle notes like citrus and lavender.
Citrus fragrances are vibrant and energizing, typically featuring light bergamot, lemon or orange top notes over a musky or woody base. They are the perfect choice for hot summer days when you need an invigorating scent that will keep you going throughout the day.

One of the more unique families of perfume is oriental/spicy scents which use strong spices like cinnamon and clove as base notes and often focus on woody aromas such as cedarwood or sandalwood for their lasting impact. These are heavier than other types of fragrances but provide a rich depth to anyone who wears them and excellent for cold environments.

Green fragrances draw their inspiration from nature's foliage with notes that resemble freshly cut grass or leaves. They are called green notes because they remind you of lush green plants. They make for calming and refreshing fragrances

Fruity scents are very common in the fragrance market because we are naturally predisposed to liking fruits. They are a very diverse group of fragrances that range from sweet berries to apples, peaches, papayas and even bananas! The relative strength of the fruit notes can vary. Some fragrances have one or two fruits that clearly stand out and others can have a more general fruity vibe where it is hard to make out the individual components. 


Woody fragrances are usually considered to be more formal and serious as compared to their more fresh and fruity counterparts. Popular wood notes include sandalwood, oud and cedarwood. They go well with formal attire and sandalwood is a great complement to ethnic wear.


Aquatic fragrances are relatively modern fragrances that aim to capture the feeling of standing next to an ocean, lake or river. They are usually fresh and sporty fragrances and are usually worn during summer months to help you feel fresh and energetic.

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