A Beginners Guide to Choosing the Right Perfume

Finding the perfect perfume can be overwhelming, especially if you are a casual user or like most people in India have just started exploring what fine fragrances are. There are hundreds of brands selling thousands of perfumes and it can be pretty confusing figuring out what you like. Trying out perfumes in a store can be very difficult because after the first few fragrances everything seems to smell exactly the same. 

But don't worry, we have you covered. Follow this guide to understand what works for you. 

Understand the Types of Scents

When you look up perfumes you will come across terms such as citrus, herbal, floral, smoky, woody etc. These are pretty straightforward descriptions. Citrusy means you can expect it to smell like citrus fruits such as lemons, lime, orange, yuzu etc. Herbal fragrances smell like, well, herbs. Expect mint, basil, lavender and any other herb you can think of. Similarly, florals smell like flowers, smoky smells like smoke or incense, and woody fragrances might remind you of sandalwood or any other wood.  You may also come across terms such as aromatic, fougère, aldehydic etc. Ignore these terms for now. 

Determine your occasion 

Are you going to wear this fragrance at work, to parties or to formal events. Are you planning on dressing formally  or casually and what is the weather going to be like. At the workplace you may want to stick to light, citrusy or wood fragrances while you can be more bold and experimental in parties or with friends. 

More expensive doesn't mean higher quality

It can be tempting to think that more expensive fragrances are higher quality but that is simply not true. While brands do command a premium and have much better packaging they don't necessarily contain the most expensive ingredients. A mid range eau de parfum might serve you much better than a more expensive eau de toilette. 

Test your fragrances for a full day

Most beginners make the mistake of judging a perfume by it's first impression. However modern perfumes are designed to evolve and transition through the day. 

Read Customer Reviews and Browse Forums

Customer reviews are obviously a great source of information. But keep in mind that personal tastes vary widely. You may love a fragrance for the very same reason someone else hates it. So read both good and bad reviews to understand what could be right for you. Browse reddit and other online communities to understand what people are saying about various brands. Bear in mind that perfume connoisseurs tend to appreciate and praise niche and complex fragrances which may not be suitable for a beginner or everyday wear.

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